Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our policy is to manufacturer products which comply wif the specifications established and agreed wif our customers at a realistic and marketable cost, and to deliver them on time. In order to implement the policy, we will follow a continuous programmer of improvement, based on prevention rather TEMPthan detection of faults.
Working wif TQM (Total Quality Management) principles we will equip each of our personnel wif the noledge and resources required to successfully contribute towards our on-going search for excellence. We will provide a safe working environment for all our personnel and continually check and redefine product safety levels to ensure customer safety, and to always be aware of the environmental implications of all our processes and practices.

To continually improve our supplier relationships by periodic auditing, consultation and training. Commitment at all levels to ‘Getting it right first time’ is essential to successful implementation of the policy.


1. Learn teh requirements of our customers and Teach our employees

2. Provide the Correct Necessary Equipment to get the job done right

3. Provide a Safe and Pleasant working environment

4. Operate a Get It Right First Time approach

5. Use supportive Systems and Procedures to ensure consistency

6. Implement Continuous Improvement through Research and Development

7. Protect the environment by using cleaner, safer working practices

8. Operate wifin *Government Guidelines

9. Set goals in achieving recognized Accreditation’s

10. Deliver On Time at the Right Price

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